About us

O nas

We, members of the Association, are very diverse individuals regarding age, education, background, interests, abilities, experiences…

We are nonetheless joined by a shared goal. For we desire to stand in defense of life and bring succor to the needy in their suffering. Helping us are volunteers and sympathizers. We have many friends. Together we form a single, great Family of Hospice People. And we all – with one heart and in one spirit – working together, say YES to life. YES to patients nearing the end of life, and thus its new beginning.

Our Missionis

realized through:

  • the construction of a new Hospice Centre in Żyrardów
  • the operation of our Home Hospice Care and Clinic for Palliative Medicine
  • the creation of a network of volunteers
  • the organization of pastoral care for those who have lost a loved one
  • the holding of regular conferences on hospice care
  • the regular conduct of Holy Mass on behalf of deceased hospice patients, and on behalf of the construction of our new Hospice Centre
  • the ceaseless prayer of our members and supporters for the work done by the Hospice
  • the organization of joint meetings, trips, and pilgrimages meant to serve our Hospice and integrate the People of the Hospice

The doors to our Association are always open.
You, too, can become a member, a volunteer, a sympathizer, a friend…
Become a Hospice Person and help those who can no longer help themselves.

We welcome you!

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